Osgoode Hall Stained Glass


Osgoode Hall is rich with stained glass and the overall effect is
stunning. The curved arches leading to the glass and the stately
pillars add charm to this elegant setting. The colours range from
subdued to bold and dramatic.

Osgoode Hall Stained Glass Great Library

At the entrance of the library there is a beautiful piece of stained
glass. It is not particularly large but it is certainly interesting. I
see many heads snap as people pass this area and I believe it is
due to the colour, chandelier and location.

The intricate mouldings surrounding the glass are of importance
and the paint colour of the ceiling tends to draw your eye toward
to the glass. The oval shape surrounding the crown is stunning.
The bright red glass inside the oval adds splendor to the design.

Osgoode Hall Stained Glass Great Library

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