Osgoode Hall Stained Glass


William Morris and his "Art Nouveau" movement brought about
a stained glass revival in the 19th century. Morris was founder
of the Arts and Crafts movement, forming his own company in
1861. Some of the artisans and designers he enlisted were
painters Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Sir Edward Burne-Jones.
In the US, Louis Comfort Tiffany produced an exciting new
style in stained glass.

Edward Burne-Jones Bullet William Morris

By 1880, Tiffany had established himself as an artist and became
the youngest member of the National Academy of Design. His
travels not only influenced his career but also acquainted him
with the designs of medieval and Roman glass.

Louis Comfort Tiffany

Glass would offer a new field of challenge for Tiffany and would
lead him to his next endeavor in design and decorative arts as
an interior designer. His commissions for Mark Twain, Cornelius
Vanderbilt and the White House under President Arthur earned
him an international reputation and great success. Stained-glass
windows were a feature in these interiors.

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