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Osgoode Hall Site Map

American Room Burke Horwood Reading Room Completed 1895
American Collection Canadian Library British Precedent Free Trade Agreement
Insurance Cases Filming Skulls Public Library Law Society
Queen Victoria Stained Glass Historical Room Solid Masonry
Atrium / Rotunda Cumberland Storm Caen, France Original Tile
Maw and Company Shropshire, England Brian Joyce Floor Tiles
Cleeve Horne World War 2 Portraits Queen Victoria
Skylight Paintings Pillars Chandeliers
Benchers Quarters Barracks for Troops Renovated 1840 Hand Carved Curved Walnut
Ornate Molding Law Society Mosaic Floor Antiques
Furnishings 1860 Dining Room Convocation Room Let Right Prevail
Antique Clock Busts Building Columns William Baldwin
Rooms Built 1833 Law Students Inn of Court Osgoode Hall Architect
Robert Baldwin Prime Minister United Canadas John Hillyard Cameron
Criminal Lawyer James Whelan D'Arcy McGee Cabinet Minister
Porter's Chair Mosaic Floor Embedded Seal Law Society
Upper Canada Hercules Symbol of Power Justitia
Symbol of Justice Magna Carta Angliae Document Legal System
Building Evolution Major Renovations Additions to Osgoode Province of Ontario Law Society
William Baldwin John Ewart Expansion 1833 Architect
Ritchie Center Range West Wing Occupied by Military
Portico Stucco Pavilions Henry Bowyer Lane
Court of Appeal Cumberland & Storm West Wing Court of Common Pleas
Historic Pavilions Classical Style Heritage Architectural Highlights
Cdn. Coat of Arms Royal Proclamation Heraldic Society Fraser Herald Cathy Bursey-Sabourin
Governor-General Order of Canada Court of Appeal Arms of Canada
Canadian Imperial Crown St. Edward Osgoode Hall Shield
Coronations Kings and Queens Head of State Westminster Abbey
The Shield Maple Leaf Valour and Courage Canada's Sovereignty
England King Richard I Crusades Scotland
Fleurs-De-Lis Emblem Alexander III Royal Irish Harp
Tara Henry VIII Jacques Cartier Symbol of Ireland
Gaspe France Heraldic Canadian Symbol
Arms of Canada Prime Minister Queen Elizabeth Helm and Mantling
Royal Arms Bruce Hicks Ottawa Legislative Assembly
Saskatchewan Joseph Pope Undersecretary Order in Council
Lion and Unicorn Royal Shields James I of England James VI of Scotland
Founding Nations Floral Emblems Crown of Crosses Royal Union Flag
English Rose Scottish Thistle Irish Shamrock French Fleur-de-Lis
Convocation Hall William Storm Cumberland & Storm Romanesque Style Medieval Dining Halls
Inns of Court England Beamed Ceiling Stained Glass Window
Unique Wooden Rail Legal Education Lecture Hall Law School Ontario
Moot Courtroom Debating Room Dining Hall Examination Room
Calls to the Bar Flambeaux Middle Temple Education/Law Schools
Canadian Heritage Law in Ontario Christopher Wallis Stained Glass Windows
London, Ontario Heraldic Windows British Society Master Glass Painters
Travers and Lee Bell Canada Award English Tradition Confederation Canada
William Osgoode Ancient Law Inns of Court Law Societies Canada
English Heritage Canadian Heritage London, England Inner & Middle Temples
Law Society Canadian Law Lincoln & Gray Stained Glass Themes
Courtrooms Page and Steele Major Restoration Six Courtrooms Judges Chambers
Courtroom One Francis Heakes Provincial Architect Built 1910 Gas & Electrical Fixture
Courtroom Two Industrial Revolution Gas Fixture Lady of Justice Kivas Tully
Provincial Architect Historic Photographs Taylor Hazell Plaster
Woodwork Craftsmanship Replica Rosettes
Cornices Wood Trim Gas Fixture Coat of Arms
Court of Appeal Correctness of Trials Superior Court Three Judge Panel
Constitutional Issues Transcripts of Trial Five Judge Panel Correctness Judgment
Courtroom Three Built in 1858 Cumberland & Storm Craftsmanship Etched Glass Windows
Page and Steele Restored 1999 Taylor Hazell Plaster and Woodwork
Material of Era Renovations Blueprints Queen's Coat of Arms
Dais Divisional Court Fabric At Bench Administrative Tribunals
Review Decisions School Boards Police Commissions Ontario Court of Justice
Courtroom Four Built in 1858 Cumberland & Storm Not Open to Public Our Lady of Justice
Justice Blindfolded Not Guilty Sword Pointing Up Relief Panel of Justice
Page & Steele Etched Glass Window Queen Elizabeth II Red & Purple Court
1973 Renovation Funeral Colors Queen's Aide Queen Re-opens Court
March 18, 1982 Kuldip Singh Samra Double Murder Tragedy Strikes Court
Attempted Murder Revolver in Court First Degree Murder Canada Wide Warrant
Arrest in India 1990 Extradited to Canada Bench Bullet Holes Singh Samra Charged
Table Bullet Holes Court of Appeal Murder Decision COA for Ontario
Courtroom Ten Francis Heakes Added in 1910 Province Expansion Restoration to Court
Diversity of Space Historical Restorations Classrooms Osgoode Hall Diversity
Lecture Halls Libraries Retiring Rooms Highest Courts Province
Dining Rooms Meeting Rooms York University Masterfully Designed
Convocation Hall Examination Room Stained Glass Osgoode Law School
Canadian Heritage Christopher Wallis Grand Bend, Ontario Reference Resource
Doors Open 2002 Historical Facts Courtroom Drama Jill Taylor Architectural
Taylor Hazell Doug Taylor Osgoode Hall Expert University of Toronto
Coat of Arms Courtroom Two Focal Points Architectural Periods
Fred Cane Courtroom Three Structural Points Architectural Firms
Courtroom Four Courtroom Two High Profile Cases Architectural Highlights
Atrium Rotunda Stonework Original Tile Floor
Light Fixtures Hard Carved Rosettes Yearly Tour Courtroom Three Fabric
Law Society Great Library Convocation Hall Benchers Quarters
Doors Open 2003 Volunteers Doors Open Martin Room Resident Historian
Courtroom Two Heritage Courtroom Pillars Doors Open Osgoode
Rotunda John Baka Courtroom Sketch Heritage Room
Courtroom Four Paint Colors Susan Law Shooting Courtroom 4
Coordinate Event Open to Public Rich History Unique Architecture
Oil Paintings Dedicated Volunteers Osgoode Hall Event Osgoode Hall Success
Facade 1832 East Wing Stone Portico John Ewart 1857 - 1860
Center Wing Cumberland & Storm Osgoode Expansion 1844 Addition Columns
Ohio Sandstone Gable Classic Style Slate & Metal Roof
Arched Windows Etched Glass Two Storey Great Library Window
Structure Architectural Transformation Journey in History
1858 & 1880 1910 & 1970 Building Preserved Losses to Osgoode Hall
Osgoode Painting John Stuart Pryce Oil Paintings Henry Bowyer Lane
Michael Nelson Etobicoke School of Arts Osgoode Oil Painting
F. A. Q. Mailing Address Court of Appeal Divisional Court Law Society
Special Events Great Library Contact Osgoode Hall Tours Osgoode Restaurant
Driving Directions Public Transit Stop Open To Public Osgoode Hall Map
Contacts Telephone Numbers Dining Room Doors Open Toronto
Weddings Wedding Information Wedding Pictures Wedding Photographs
Fence Iron Fence Ornate Fence Victorian Design Wrought Iron Fence
Patrick Kenny Blacksmith North America Intricate Cast Iron
Steel Mills Hand Forged Slag Fence Mold Lines
Craftsman Casting Work Cow Gates True Wrought Iron
Cattle Gates World War Two Scrap Metal War Effort
Picket Fence Victorian Charm Fenians Gates of Osgoode Hall
Frances Loring Statue Kevin Snow Tom Lansitie Toronto Swimmer
Loring Signature Carrara Marble Osgoode Hall Handwritten Note
Art Gallery News Clippings Medals, Awards Commemorative Statue
Great Library W. D. Ross Union Jacks Model Tom Lansitie
William Mulock Rupert Brooks Lord Bishop Canon Baynes-Reed
Statue 7' High Marble Panel 15' High Chief Justice Latchford
Athletic Abilities Lansitie Toronto Swim Club Canadian Newspapers
Gold Medals Diving Competition Victor Lansitie Summer Camp Effort
Toronto Medal 1929 Lansitie Medals YMCA Swim Award Collection of Medals
Helsinki, Finland Kasper Lansitie Hilma Bergman Tom (Tarmo) Lansitie
Thelma McGowan Florence Wyle Church Street Toronto, Ontario
School House Cathedral Ceilings Moore Park 110 Glenrose Avenue
Sculpt The Church Christ Church Deer Park
A. Y. Jackson Fred Varley Lauren Harris Artistic Community
Loring-Wyle Studio Plaque Edith Cavell Home Purchased 1920
Sculptors' Society Founding Members Academy of Arts Sir Robert Borden
1887 - 1968 War Memorial Osgoode Hall Frances Norma Loring
Wardner, Idaho Canadian Sculpture World of Art Large Public Statues
Loring and Wyle Bronze Figures War Memorials Nat. Gallery Canada
Gardens / Osgoode Gardens Trees Cobblestone Path Queen Street
Iron Fence Victorian Landscaped Well Pruned Shrubs
Curved Beds Osgoode Hall Assorted Foliage Season Long Interest
Wedding Pictures Impatiens Sweeping Gardens Annuals & Perennials
Plants Vibrant Annual Inviting Paths Landscaping Theme
Flowering Crabs Tulips Plaque Law Society
William Osgoode Chief Justice Heritage Foundation Victorian Architecture
Lush Lawns Osgoode Landscape Curved Gardens Pyramidal Evergreens
Hostas Flowering Compact Shrub Spiraea Gold Flame
Tulip Bulbs Junipers Cascade of Color Ornamental Shrubs
Euonymus Versatile Specimen Alberta Spruce Picea glauca - Conica
Japanese Yew Evergreen City Hall C N Tower
Great Library Ornate Ceiling Cumberland & Storm Stately Columns York University
Fireplace Etched Glass Candelabras Antique Light Fixtures
Legal Education Student Resource Student Libraries Designed 1857 - 1860
Canadian Materials Purchased 1829 John Strachan Triple Cube Design
Upper Canadian Solicitor General Attorney General John Beverley Robinson
Canadian Tories British Executive Councils Legislative Assembly
Statue World War One Memorial Frances Loring
Carrara Marble Michelangelo Ontario Lawyers Statue Inscribed Names
Inner Temple English Inns Inns of Court London, England
Middle Ages Solicitors Barristers Law Society
England Bombarded The Rock Raise Funds London Rebuilding
Cork Floor Absorb Sound Etched Glass Victoria Reigns VR
Queen Victoria Legal Material Largest Collection Decorative Columns
Ornate Carvings Rosettes Lion Carvings Intricate Plaster Ceiling
Frances Loring Library Sketch William G. Storm Frederick Cumberland
Interior Built 1858 Cathedrals Europe Caen Stone
Carving Maw and Company Antiquity Shropshire, England
Skylights Stained Glass Ornate Trim Tiles Made in England
Courtroom Ten Built 1910 Kivas Tully Francis Riley Heakes
Edmund Burke Judges Chambers 1858 Great Library Osgoode Restoration
Judge's Dining Rm. Built 1970 Page and Steele Fireplace Teak Panelling
Lounge Area Formal Occasions Host Receptions New Appointed Judges
China Cabinet Antique Court Canadian Antiquity
Crown Prince Saudi Arabia Royal Visit Frank Woods Callaghan
Chief Justice Court of Justice Administrator Government of Ontario
Spode China Imari Palette Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee 1977
1952 - 1977 King George VI Queen Elizabeth II Queen of Canada
Crowned June 2, 1953 Westminster Abbey Ontario Government
Imari William G. Davis Premier of Ontario Chief Justice Canada
Q. C. Medallion Silver Wine Goblet Honourable Arthur Kelly
George III Hester Bateman Historic Occasion John Beverly Robinson
Silver Open Salts Mrs. Bagnani Port Hope, Ontario Dr. Gilbert Bagnani
Cabinet Glass Shelving Treasured Gifts Overhead Lighting
Martin Room Panelling Canadian Criminal Lawyer Goldwin Arthur Martin
James Armstrong Old Bailey London, England Lord Mayor's Dining Rm
Agent General United Kingdom November 1967 Chief Justice Gale
Commonwealth South Africa David Horne Conference Room
Joinery Transportation Craftsmen Architectural Team
Ship Panelling Store and Install Humidity Changes Prime Minister Robarts
Page and Steele Historic Gift Installed 1972 Restoration Award
Walls Reversed Sheriffs Austrian Oak Dining Room 1901
Fireplace Original Chandelier Judges Reception Martin Room Pictures
Replica Prime Minister Harold Wilson War Of the Roses
Historic Rights Regional Courts Dining Room Acquisition for Ontario
McMurtry Art Roy McMurtry Susan Law World of Art McMurtry Art Exhibit
Chief Justice Ontario Oil Paintings Osgoode Paintings
Ria Jean Macrae Aurora Trinity College St. Andrews College
Honours Degree Law Degree Osgoode Hall University of Toronto
Ontario Bar Benson, McMurtry Percival and Brown Ontario Legislature
Practiced Law Appointed CJO 1996 Attorney General Premier William Davis
Solicitor General Chief Justice 1996 Canadian High Commissioner
Sketch Charcoal Paint Layers Oil Medium of Choice
Rotunda Paintings for Charity Painting on Site Osgoode Law School
Garden in Provence Cathedral San Miguel Corsica Roy McMurtry's Office
Grand Canyon Provence Vietnam Village in Provence
Hanoi Tuscany Sunset Over Sienna Painting in Provence
Peru San Miguel Kenya Connemara, Ireland
Mexico Peaks of Peru Artists Studio Flowers of Corsica
Zimbabwe Village in Peru Venice Mombassa Market
Quebec City Switzerland Village Blake Debassige McMurtry & Debassige
Aboriginal Artist Gifted Painting Conferred Doctorate Laurentian University
McMichael Art Links Tom Thomson Group of Seven
Portraits Paintings Great Library Atrium Rotunda
Queen Victoria Mayor Allan Ornate Inscription Most Popular Painting
Chief Justice Roy McMurtry Court of Appeal Ontario
Chancellor William Hume Blake Patrick LeSage Superior Court Justice
Archibald MacLean William Richards Honourable Philip Van Koughnet
William Draper Robert Harrison John Hagarty John Spragge
Restaurant Dining Room Osgoode Restaurant Restaurant Contact Restaurant Location
TTC Directions Driving Directions Reservations Restaurant Picture
Site History Law Society Upper Canada Creation 1797 Niagara on the Lake
Construction English Pounds Prominent Figures Church & King Street
J. J. Boulton William Baldwin Treasurer John Beverley Robinson
Berkely Street Dr. Baldwin Benchers Parliament Buildings
Acquired 1828 King & Jarvis Mud Road Access Debates & Disputes
Registry Office Court House Institutions Bank of Upper Canada
Famous Maps York Toronto Philpott's Plan
York Street King Street Queen Street Cane's Topographical
Spadina Avenue Dundas Street Bathurst Street City Limit
1856 Picture 1870 Picture Ornate Fence Meticulous Landscaping
Wooden Structures Brick Building Toronto Masonry City Hall
Armoury Registry Offices Low Rise Buildings Osgoode Community
Stained Glass Windows Doors Skylights Intricate Design
Colored Glass Church Windows Pictorial Glass Medieval Architecture
Romanesque Manifestation Divine Light Symbolic Importance
Material Richness Beautiful Artistic Expression
1150 - 1250 Dark Colors Figures Scrollwork Windows
Geometrical Detailed Color Medallions Red Blue Green Purple
Single Figure Grisaille Sixteenth Century Canopied Shrines
England Old Traditions Invented Enamelling Technique
Glass Sand & Silica Consistency Taffy Heated 2000 Degrees
Pigment Metallic Oxides White Light All Colors of Rainbow
Filter Light Spectrum Green Glass Add Iron to Sand
Pink Glass Add Pure Gold Color of Glass Brilliant 700 Years
Lead Flexibility Releading Corrosion Resistance
Old Lead Impurities Extract Valuable Metals
Pure Lead Trace Metals Silver Copper
William Morris Art Nouveau Edward Burne-Jones Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Designers Painters Louis Tiffany Louis Comfort Tiffany
Artisan Arts & Crafts Tiffany National Academy
Mark Twain White House President Arthur Cornelius Vanderbilt
Great Library Ancient Art Fantasy Themes Glass Sculptures
Light Fixtures Freestanding Three Dimensional Art Deco
Tradition / Change Town of York Toronto Osgoode Hall Finalized 1832
William Osgoode Superior Courts Major Renovations First Chief Justice
Additions Osgoode Co-owned Law Society Government of Ontario
Dome Osgoode Exterior Great Library Facade Remains Intact
Expanding Heritage Historical Board Provincial Ministry
Tulips at Osgoode Spring Trees Shrubs Tulips
Tulip Bulbs Single Tulips Double Tulips Lily Flowered Tulips
Fringed Tulips Weddings Photographs Wedding Pictures
Array of Color Lush Lawns Junipers Flowering Crabs
Foliage Perennials Spirea Osgoode Tulip Bulbs
Alberta Spruce Tulip Bulb Height Heritage Building Tri Color Tulips
Silverleaf Dogwood Blossoms Osgoode Gardens Osgoode Hall, Toronto
Wedding Photos Wedding Pictures Requirements Parking Outdoor Photographs

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