McMurtry Art Exhibit

Roy McMurtry prefers painting at his cottage which is a great
incentive for creativity in the absence of telephones and
televisions in particular. His medium of choice is oil. The
outstanding colour achieved makes it unique among painting
mediums and crisp effects are easily obtained. Opaque,
transparent and translucent painting is within its range and
oil is unsurpassed for textural variation. Oil painting proceeds
in stages. The design is sketched on the painting surface in
pencil, charcoal or paint. Next the broad areas of colour are
filled in with thin paint. These areas are gradually refined
and corrected with thicker paint layers. The process may
require only a few sessions or may extend over months.

A large McMurtry painting hangs in the Rotunda of Osgoode Hall
Law School. His preference is painting on smaller surfaces on site
and larger canvasses are created from sketches and photographs.
Many of his paintings are donated to charity auctions.

Muskoka Sunset

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