McMurtry Art Exhibit

My name is Susan Law and as Business Analyst at Osgoode
Hall I've had the privilege of working with the judiciary and staff
to enhance business procedures and provide special presentations
relating to this heritage building. The inspiration for this website
began with the overwhelming beauty of Osgoode Hall. From the
breathtaking stained glass to the original tile floor this building
exudes elegance, style and charm. My passion for Osgoode Hall
has been captured within thousands of photographs, a website
and organizing the Doors Open event in 2002.

My friendship with Roy McMurtry introduced me to his world of
art and sparked yet another facet of beauty that resides in
Osgoode Hall. Upon viewing his oil paintings it occurred to me
that this medium would lend itself brilliantly to the world wide web,
therefore I am delighted to present the McMurtry Art Exhibit.

Roy McMurtry was the Chief Justice of Ontario. His paintings
grace the walls of Osgoode, his home and are prominently
displayed worldwide.

Roy McMurtry

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McMurtry Art Exhibit Frame