The Martin Room


The original chandelier was also donated to Ontario
and resides in judges reception.

Old Bailey Original Chandelier in Osgoode Hall

The chandelier in the Martin Room is a replica.

Old Bailey Chandelier Replica in Osgoode Hall

The Lord Mayor's Dining Room from the Old Bailey
has been a traditional dining area for the Lord Mayor
since the days of the War Of the Roses. Over the years
there were additions to the Old Bailey but eventually
the site constraints began to impact court efficiency.

Old Bailey in London, England

By the 1960's the then Prime Minister, Harold Wilson
proposed a solution to the over-burdened court. His
proposal was to abandon the historic rights and
privileges of London and establish regional courts
throughout the country. It was quickly determined
the Dining Room would be converted to courtroom
use. In that hastily enacted plan the Lord Mayor's
Dining Room became a casualty of necessity for
England and an acquisition of distinction for Ontario.

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