The Martin Room


The room was built to the exact dimensions to house
the panels. In order to accommodate the geometry of
Osgoode Hall two of the walls were reversed from their
original position as depicted in the picture of the
last gathering of the Lord Mayor and the Sheriffs.

Old Bailey Panelling in Osgoode Hall

The panelling is handcrafted of Austrian Oak varying in
thickness from 5/8 inches to 7/8 inches and probably dates
from 1901. This was the last time a major renovation
occurred to the Dining Room in the Old Bailey.

The following picture illustrates the Martin Room as you enter
from the hallway. The door to the right leads to a courtroom.

Old Bailey Panelling in Osgoode Hall

The following picture displays the opposite end of the
Martin Room. Standing in front of the fireplace you will
see a door to the left which leads to a courtroom and the
door straight ahead is the main entrance to the hallway.

Old Bailey Panelling in Osgoode Hall

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