The Martin Room


The alternative was to ship the panelling and take
advantage of a slower passage and allow the wood
more time to adjust to humidity changes. As a result
it developed that something in the neighbourhood of
$50,000 would be required to store, transport and
install the panelling in Osgoode Hall.

Old Bailey Panelling in Osgoode Hall

This expenditure was opposed by the Department
of Public Works but fortunately, on June 4, 1968
Prime Minister Robarts, to whom the matter had
been referred, approved of the expenditure.

Old Bailey Panelling in Osgoode Hall

The panelling was therefore crated and shipped by
sea. Sections of panelling were set in adjustable clamps
so that both during the journey and while in storage
the clamps could be tightened periodically to reduce
the possibility of cracking as the wood dried out.

Old Bailey Panelling in Osgoode Hall

The panelling arrived safely in Toronto on
September 5, 1969 and was stored under
proper conditions of humidity.

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