The Martin Room


In the latter part of December 1967 Chief Justice Gale had been
contacted by officials of the Old Bailey in London and told that
the panelling in the Lord Mayor's Dining Room was available.
Apparently word had leaked out and many requests from
different parts of the Commonwealth were received.

The Martin Room

South Africa had made overtures to secure this historic
treasure for its courthouse. On December 29, 1967 the
Corporation of the City of London announced that Ontario
had succeeded in its quest. The panelling was donated and
in January 1968 David Horne, architect and a government
official flew to London to examine the panelling.

Goldwin Arthur Martin

Mr. Horne wanted to ascertain whether it would be
suitable for the Judges' Dining Room which was to
be part of the planned addition to Osgoode Hall.

The panelling was far too small for the anticipated
use. It was decided that the dimensions best
suited a Conference Room in Osgoode Hall.

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