Osgoode Hall Interior


In 1858 The Great Library was designed by
Cumberland and Storm.

From 1894 to 1896 Edmund Burke designed The
American Room. He also renovated the front
entrance of the Law Society of Upper Canada.

Osgoode Hall Archways and Portrait

Page and Steele made renovations between 1969
and 1972. The addition of space filled an entire city
block. They added six courtrooms and 58 judges
chambers. This caused the demolition of large areas
from the 1880's and 1910 building projects. The 1858
original building of Osgoode Hall was kept largely intact.

Osgoode Hall Archway by Atrium/Rotunda

The restoration and stabilization of Osgoode Hall began in
1995. The project includes emergency measures to stablilize
the structure of the building. The installation of fire and
life safety systems is underway and the outdated mechanical
and electrical systems are being replaced. Taylor/Hazell
Architects Ltd with ORC have implemented a plan which
will last until 2003.

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