The Great Library


The Library floor is cork. The theory behind the installation
of the flooring involved the idea that cork would absorb sound.
The cork is varnished and is not a good sound absorber. Also
the floor damages easily. A closer look displays a pattern in the
way the cork tiles are laid.

Osgoode Hall Great Library Cork Floor

The windows in the Great Library are etched glass. The windows
are original however not a great deal of the original glass exists.
They were repaired over the years. The letters VR in the windows
represent "Victoria Regina" and refer to Queen Victoria who
was Queen during the period the Great Library was built.

Osgoode Hall Great Library Etched Glass Window

The largest private collection of legal material in Canada is
housed in the Great Library. The Great Library contains
approximately 120,000 volumes.

Osgoode Hall Great Library Legal Books

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