The Great Library


The statue in the Great Library is a World War One Memorial.
Frances Loring created the statue using Carrara marble.
Michelangelo used the same marble. The Rotunda statue and
the Great Library statue bear striking contrasts. The Rotunda
statue is filled with promise, life and hope for the future.
The Great Library statue is spectacular yet dramatic and sad.

Osgoode Hall Great Library World War Two Statue

The Great Library statue portrays the Ontario lawyers and
students who lost their lives during the war. Their names
are inscribed on the statue. During this time Ontario had
less than two thousand lawyers. Approximately six percent
of the legal profession was lost during the war.

Osgoode Hall Great Library World War Two Statue

The Inner Temple which is one of the four English Inns of
Court donated the "rock" as a gift. The Inns of Court are
located in London, England. They date back to the middle
ages and have exclusive rights to admit people to the Bar.
The profession in England is different than Ontario. People
called to the Bar in England are solicitors and barristers.

Osgoode Hall Great Library World War Two Statue and Inner Temple Rock

During World War Two when London was bombarded their
buildings were extensively damaged. The Law Society of Upper
Canada raised funds in an effort to assist London in rebuilding
their structures. The "rock" is a piece of an original building
and was presented in appreciation for the assistance provided.

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