The Great Library


The Great Library was built by Cumberland and Storm and is
touted as the most beautiful room in Canada. The ornate
ceiling, stately columns, etched glass and fireplace is
somehow overwhelming to any visitor.

Osgoode Hall Great Library Clock

The candelabras, antique clocks and light fixtures is the
completion to detail for this fabulous room. The first time
I stepped inside the door it was an experience I shall never
forget. I had my camera and was about to take pictures but
to be quite honest I didn't know where to begin. Hopefully the
images you see will give an overview of this gorgeous room.

Osgoode Hall Great Library Candelabra

For nearly 150 years the centre for legal education was
Osgoode Hall. Due to these circumstances the Library was
coined the "Great Library". Housing compulsory reading
material this resource was invaluable to students and in
1892 a satellite branch was instituted when the duel
clientele became too burdensome.

Osgoode Hall Great Library Entrance

The Great Library would assist to differentiate
Osgoode Hall from smaller student libraries. The
name remains to this day, although the student
library was relocated to York University in 1969.

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