The Gardens of Osgoode Hall


The foliage provided by the Hosta is perfect for any shady
garden. Hostas come in a wide variety of leaf form, size and
flowering characteristics. They form dense clumps and look best
after established in the garden for two to three years. The Hostas
at Osgoode Hall provide season long interest to several beds.

Osgoode Hall Gardens

The Spiraea Gold Flame is a compact shrub with golden spring
foliage which turns to coppery-orange in the fall. The light
crimson flowers appear from July to September. The Tulips at
Osgoode Hall are positively spectacular. Tulips are unsurpassed
in the bulb world as a source of brilliant colour from early to
late spring. The beds are encompassed with Tulips adding vivid
splashes of colour to ornamental shrubs and junipers. These
wonderful bulbs provide our first glimpse of the cascade of
colour about to unfold at Osgoode Hall.

Osgoode Hall Gardens

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