The Great Library


Frances Norma Loring (1887-1968) completed the Osgoode Hall
Great Library War Memorial in 1928. She was born in Wardner,
Idaho however; she is inextricably linked to the world of
Canadian sculpture. Her artistic colleague was Florence Wyle.

Frances Loring

Loring concentrated on architectural sculpture projects
and had a preference for large public statues. According
to Wyle, Frances Loring didn't like to do pieces unless
she had to climb a ladder to get at them. Loring's
preferred method of work was perched on scaffolding.

Frances Loring and Florence Wyle

In 1918 the National Gallery of Canada approached Loring and
Wyle to be part of the initiative to compile a record of the
Canadian war effort. The result was a series of bronze figures
and Loring continued to produce war memorials throughout
the 1920's.

Loring completed the St. Stephen War Memorial in 1926 and
completed her work for the Law Society in 1928.

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