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This plaque is situated at the front of the home once
occupied by Frances Loring and Florence Wyle.

Frances Loring Plaque

The plaque is nestled among foliage and sits atop
a stone foundation on a forty-five degree angle.

Frances Loring Plaque

The plaque reads as follows:

This board-and-batten building, originally the schoolhouse for
Christ Church, Deer Park, was acquired in 1920 by Frances
Loring and Florence Wyle. Sculpting in the classical tradition,
they achieved national prominence and executed many impressive
public works, among which are Loring's Sir Robert Borden on
Parliament Hill and Wyle's Edith Cavell in Toronto. They were
founding members of the Sculptors' Society of Canada and their
studio was an important artistic centre where musicians, writers,
sculptors, painters, and patrons of the arts congregated. When
Frances Loring and Florence Wyle died in 1968 they bequeathed
their studio to the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts. The sale of
the building allowed the Academy to establish a trust for the
development of Canadian artists.

Frances Loring Plaque

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