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Tom Lansitie was featured in several newspapers accompanied
with images and accolades of his accomplishments. Below
are a few examples of his athletic abilities.

Canadian Swim Club Event Aids Summer Camp Effort

This event included an underwater escape feature, stunts,
diving exhibitions, ornamental swimming, magic, comedy and
the mermaids performed. The Canadian Swimming Club attracted
huge crowds and Tom Lansitie the club president spoke in
appreciation of visiting stars and other individuals who
assisted in arranging this program. This special night was
designed to raise funds and provide equipment for a summer
camp to help under-privileged boys in the district.

Tom Lansitie

Another headline read:

Swimming Team of Central YMCA Meets Buffalo Central

The article explained how dedicated the Toronto Central
"Y" collection of fish trained and scored a decisive
victory over the Buffalonians.

Tom Lansitie received glorious reviews from Canadian
newspapers and was awarded several prizes for various
competitions. He won gold medals acquiring highest
points several times for his swim team.

Tom Lansitie

At the Queen City Swimming Club Tom Lansitie won the
40-yard breast stroke, the 40-yard back stroke and the
diving competition. At this particular event his
brother Victor Lansitie won the 100-yard handicap.

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