The Great Library


The overwhelming information supplied regarding the statue
created by Frances Loring in the Great Library is courtesy
of Kevin Snow. Kevin is the grandson of Tom Lansitie, the
gentleman who posed for Frances Loring.

Ms. Loring found Tom in Toronto at the swimming tanks. He
was a champion swimmer. She approached Tom regarding her
project for the carrara marble commemorative statue which
is prominently displayed in Osgoode Hall.

Tom Lansitie's grandson Kevin was kind enough to contact
me and provided his grandmother's scrapbook containing
memorabilia about Tom Lansitie, his achievements, medals,
news clippings and a handwritten note from Frances Loring
to Tom regarding a sitting for the completion of the statue.

Frances Loring Handwriting to Tom Lansitie

The note as depicted above states the following:

Tom Lansitie Here is part of the money I owe you - Can
you come Sunday morning next. Phone me. Frances Loring

Ms. Loring's invitation was penned on an envelope
which reads The Art Gallery of Toronto, Grange Park.

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