Osgoode Hall Frequently Asked Questions

Wedding photographs may be taken outside the building.
Pictures are not allowed inside but the gardens are
magnificent and the building provides a lovely backdrop
for your pictures. For information regarding permits,
dates, and requirements please contact the Law Society.
Osgoode Hall does not offer parking however there is a
parking lot underground at City Hall and upon reaching
the top of the stairs you will be in Phillips Square just
outside of City Hall and Osgoode Hall is adjoining
Phillips Square. You need only walk around to the front
of Osgoode Hall to enter the grounds.

Wedding Photograph at Osgoode Hall

Fortunately I was able to capture this picture of a happy
couple as they celebrated their wedding day on May 24, 2003.
They chose Osgoode Hall for their wedding photographs and
coincidentally that day was also our annual Doors Open
event featuring Osgoode Hall.
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