Osgoode Hall Courtrooms


Courtroom 2 was designed and built by the provincial architect
Kivas Tully, in 1888. The courtroom was restored in 1998. This
is the only courtroom for which historic photos exist. In its own
right, it is an extraordinarily beautiful courtroom reflecting the
newly found reproduction capabilities of the industrial revolution.

Early Courtroom Sketch

Taylor Hazell Architects restored courtroom 2 to its original
colour scheme in 1998. It is light and airy but must have been
cold in the winter and warm in the summer as it faces south and
west. The woodwork is quite fragile especially the ornate features
at the end of each bench in the public area.

Osgoode Hall Courtroom 2

In contrast to courtroom 3, the plaster and woodwork, while
stunning in many respects, lacks the craftsmanship of the
hand-finished features. The rosettes, cornices, wood trim,
etc are exact replicas because of the production methods of
the industrial revolution. The gas fixture is a replica of
the original, which was designed from an artist's sketch. The
ring below the globe controlled the flow of gas to the fixture.

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