Osgoode Hall Courtrooms


The fabric behind the bench is as close an approximation of
material and patterns of the era as could be found from
historical research. The original descriptions were not found
in the blueprints and documents from previous renovations.
Originally, there would have been a Queen's Coat of Arms
above the dais but there is no record of what happened to the
shield. A Coat of Arms of a slightly later era is in courtroom 2.

Osgoode Hall Courtroom 3 Damask Wall

Courtroom 3 is used by Divisional Court (Office of Chief Justice
Smith) to review decisions of administrative tribunals such as
school boards, police commissions and municipal boards. A panel
of three judges normally hears appeals on a daily basis. Divisional
Court also conducts appeals from cases heard in the Ontario
Court of Justice involving $25,000 or less.

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