Osgoode Hall Courtrooms


Tragedy strikes courtroom 4 at Osgoode Hall on March 18, 1982.
Kuldip Singh Samra entered the courtroom armed with a
revolver. Samra committed a double murder and two attempted
murders. He fled the building and the country.

A Canada wide warrant was issued for Kuldip Singh Samra who
was charged with two counts of first degree murder and two
counts of attempted murder. He was eventually arrested in
India in 1990 and extradited to Canada in 1992.

The bullet holes remain in the benches as depicted in the
following pictures.

Osgoode Hall Courtroom 4 Bullet Holes in Bench

It has not been determined as to when the benches and tables
will be repaired. I asked about the renovation concerning
this courtroom and was informed that the decision is pending
until the latter part of 2003.

Osgoode Hall Courtroom 4 Bullet Holes in Bench

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