Osgoode Hall Courtrooms


Courtroom 4 was designed and built by Cumberland
and Storm in 1858 and reflects the craftsmanship of
the pre-industrial revolution period.

Osgoode Hall Courtroom 4

Courtroom 4 is not open to the public. The colour scheme
of this particular courtroom is rather unusual. My question
quite simply was why purple and red and gold and white?
I was informed that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
officially re-opened Osgoode Hall in 1973 after extensive
renovations. The courtroom was painted in honour of this
momentous occasion. An Aide arrived to inspect the building
on behalf of The Queen and asked about the colour selection.
The Aide was told that this enormous undertaking vividly
displayed her colours. The Aide stated that The Queen has
colours for various occasions but the selection chosen for
this courtroom represented her funeral colours. Queen
Elizabeth did not deliver her speech in courtroom 4.

Osgoode Hall Courtroom 4

The plan is to revert the courtroom back to the original
look and colour scheme of 1858.

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