Osgoode Hall Courtrooms


Courtroom 3 was designed and built by Cumberland and Storm
in 1858 as was courtroom 4 which is not open to the public. It is
extraordinarily beautiful and reflects the craftsmanship of the
pre-industrial revolution period. Originally there was etched
glass windows in the alcoves but they were blocked off during
the 1969 to 1972 renovation by Page and Steele architects.

Osgoode Hall Courtroom 3 Bench

Taylor Hazell Architects restored courtroom 3 to its original
colour scheme in 1999. There is a slight variation at the lower
level that was a darker green originally. A lighter touch is
required because of ergonomic light levels that the darker paint
scheme would not have permitted. The woodwork was also
restored to its original dark finish as it had been lightened
considerably in an earlier renovation, in 1969.

Osgoode Hall Courtroom 3 Door

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