Convocation Hall


Osgoode Hall commissioned Christopher Wallis of London,
Ontario to design and create new stained glass windows to
replace the existing windows in Convocation Hall. The ten
Heraldic windows cover 4,000 years of law and are referred
to as "The Inns of Court Windows" designed for Osgoode Hall.
Christopher Wallis is a member of The British Society of
Master Glass Painters. He was introduced to the beauty and
magic of stained glass through apprenticing in the studios of
Travers and Lee. Mr. Wallis has designed and made over 800
windows and his awards include The Bell Canada 1996 Award
for excellence for his heraldic stained glass. He also earned
the 1993 award for The 125th Anniversary of the Confederation
of Canada Medal for "significant contribution to Canada". Mr.
Wallis produces glass that applies the finest English tradition
to design concepts that reflect a contemporary image.

Osgoode Hall Convocation Hall Stained Glass

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