We're writing because Osgoode Hall has received
TripExpert's 2018 Experts' Choice Award.
Our awards are based on over 1 million reviews
from 85 leading travel guides, magazines and
newspapers. You've received the award because
professionals recognize you as among the best
attractions in Toronto. Congratulations!

As a past winner of the HomeGrown Award of Excellence,
Osgoode Hall became eligible for the H.G.Ripe Site
recognition program. Each month a previous winner of
the HomeGrown Award of Excellence is selected and
showcased with a screen capture and small write-up.
It is my pleasure to inform you that Osgoode Hall has
been selected as our H.G.Ripe Site for March, 2004.

H. G. Ripe Site Award

Osgoode Hall is a great website, containing a
lot of information, well presented. The loading
time is very quick and the design looks nice.
This award is well deserved. Congratulations!

Uwes Award

Your site is the only one thus far that
has scored a perfect 100% on my rating
system. Your site is very easy to navigate,
informative and very pleasing to the eye, the
words to describe it are "Simple Elegance".
Many sites are either over done or to bland,
kudos' to you on a job well done!!!

Ruby Red Platinum Award

Congratulations! Your website scored 15 out of 15,
earning our Gold Award. Your site is well designed
and very informative. The graphics and navigation
are excellent. Outstanding work!

T H Designs Award

We're happy to announce that the judges have
selected your site as site of the day! Here's the
laudatio posted about your site; "A fascinating
tour of history. This well built site gives the
visitor not only tons of information, but also
presents it in a very pleasing surrounding!
An inspirational site! Congratulations on an
interesting, well built site!

AljapaCo Award

Congratulations! Your website will be the featured
"Cool Site of the Nite" on April 30, 2003 based upon
it's content, page and graphic design and overall
contribution to those who see it. The "Cool Site of
the Nite" features only those pages that CSotN's staff
feels are of a non-commercial nature and those which
offer family-oriented, interesting content.

Cool Site of the Nite Award

Hi Susan, I have picked your site to be my
April Site Of The Month. Congrats.

The Awards Garden Site of the Month Award

Congratulations on winning the second Juliasseiten
Excellence Award for the year 2003. The Osgoode
website is just excellent, thorough, interesting
and informative. The graphics are wonderful. Thank
you very much for enabling us to view your website.

Juliasseiten Award

We are extremely proud to present your site with the
Casey's Celtic Charm Silver Award. Thank-you for giving
us the opportunity to review your work, the visit was
most inspiring. Your effort and dedication shine
throughout your pages. You are truly deserving of
our highest accolades, and for making the World Wide
Web a much better and nicer place for us all to visit.

Casey's Celtic Charm Award

I am pleased to annouce your site has been reviewed and
you have won the 'Trinity's Web Design Excellence Award'
for Graphical, Multimedia & Flash Excellence. Very
Creative! Nice layout and design with logical navigation.
A very nice presentation and history of a beautuful
building. Your photography is excellent as well.

Trinity's Web Design Excellence Award

The American Association Of Webmasters Awards
are primarily designed to supply formal recognition to
webmasters and designers who have shown outstanding
achievement in web design and content and creativity.
Congratulations! Osgoode Hall has been selected. Great
Site, with nice graphics, layout, design and appearance.
We are very impressed with the quality and content your
website presents.

American Association of Webmasters Award

Congratulations! We are pleased to tell you that, we are
giving you Lady Liberty's GOLD Award of Recognition
for Promotion of Justice. The Osgoode Hall graphics are
astounding in their appropriateness, judicious use, and
incredible beauty. The site navigation is straightforward
and easy to follow. The content is interesting, historically
relevant, and complete without going overboard in a manner
more suitable for printed media. In short, this is a very
nicely done web presentation piece. You should be proud!

Lady Liberty Award

Congratulations! Your site has been chosen as a Lynx
Gold Award Winner for May 2003. I enjoyed visiting
your site and found it worthy of The Lynx Award. It
is evident that you have put a lot of hard work in
building your site.

Lynx Gold Award

It is my pleasure to present Osgoode Hall the HomeGrown
Award of Excellence! You have a fine site... showcasing
one of, if not "the" premier architectural site in
Toronto. An excellent architectural resource and a fine
contribution to the internet community. Well done!

HomeGrown Gold Award

You are receiving this e-mail because your site was chosen for
an Award from Lady JJ's Awards and Design. Please find
attached an award which I thought to be appropriate.

Lady JJ's Jewel Award

Also my Special Gold Award which cannot be applied for is an
award only given to sites which, I deem to be of an exceptional
caliber. Your's is one such site. I was most impressed Susan
with the design and layout of your site, also the content,
beautiful pictures and imagined hours of hard work put into
making your site one of the best on the web today.

Lady JJ's Gold Award

Congratulations! Your site has won the Quest to be the Best
award. Very nice site! Great layout, design, use of white
space. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and reading and
learning about Osgoode Hall.

Quest to be the Best Award

Very attractive site and the photos are gorgeous!

Golden Brush Award

I would like to congratulate you with your high
standards of web page design. Well designed and
I will gladly visit your site again. I enjoyed surfing
your site, and I am sure everybody else will too.

Tim's Spider Award

Our award is a gift to you for enriching the Internet

Perm Heritage Award

Your web site, "Osgoode Hall," has qualified for the
Beacon Award. This is a nice walking tour of a
historic building, rich with photos and information.
It's very plain that you have a fondness for this
place, and you've created a nice resource so that
others can find out about it. Congratulations on
an outstanding web site.

Beacon Award

I'm very impressed with the layout of your site.
It's cleanness of design, ease of navigation, and
the information you provide, make it a beautiful
site and one that certainly deserves my Diamond
Award. There is a certain "Wow" factor I look for
when awarding my Diamond Award. Welcome to
Osgoode Hall has that Wow factor. Congratulations!

Diamond Award

Congratulations, Your "Osgoode Hall" site has been
chosen to receive an "AGandH Education Site Award."

AG+H Education Site Award

Congratulations, you are the winner
of a golden Award!

Artabus Golden Award

Congratulations! You have just won
Lindor's Award. The GOLDEN one!

Lindor's Golden Award

Please accept the SunsetSurfers Silver Medal of
Excellence for your efforts at Osgoode Hall. Clean,
crisp design with an impressive wealth of information.
I found your site to navigate easily and your photos
and graphic designs support your theme quite well. I've
almost felt I had been there which is a true mark of a
successful site. Enjoy your award, you've earned it.

Sunset Surfers Award

Hello and Congratulations! I have just visited your
site and found it to be wonderful! It excells in
content, graphics and quality.

Golden Chalice Award

Congratulation for creating an award winning WebSite,
it is beautiful !!! I visited your WebSite and found it
to be outstanding in appearance and in content. Your
effort to improve the wonder of the Internet is clearly
reflected on each page. Please continue to move ahead
with your talents.

Lion Award

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