The Atrium/Rotunda

From 1857 to 1860 Cumberland and Storm completed the
construction of the Rotunda/Atrium. Caen, France is where the
limestone was obtained for this project. The original tile
floor in the Atrium is comparable to the flooring in University
College which was also constructed by Cumberland and Storm.

Osgoode Hall Statue Atrium/Rotunda

The tile floor was purchased from Maw and Company in
Shropshire, England. The designed patterns displayed in the
flooring were selected from a Maw and Company catalogue.

Osgoode Hall Atrium/Rotunda

Maw and Company employed renowned designers to create
these patterns. They dispatched a supervisor to oversee
the installation.

The current owner of Maw and Company Ltd. is Brian Joyce.
The business still produces floor and wall tiles, just like the
flooring in Osgoode Hall, and their company primarily deals
with the restoration market. To obtain further information
please visit their informative web site at: Maw & Company.

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