The American Room

The picture below is a sample of the stained glass which is seen
throughout Osgoode Hall. This glass is part of the entrance to
the Great Library and the American Room. The lettering VR in
the centre of the stained glass represents Victoria Reigns, in
honour of Queen Victoria.

Osgoode Hall Great Library Stained Glass Victoria Reigns

The room is a perfect blend of atmosphere and history however
there are certain drawbacks. The stairs are beautiful but
dangerous when carrying an arm full of books. The skylight is
an important source of light but is not watertight. You bathe
in the historical ambiance but the room is limited. The existing
electrical wiring remains and there is an absence of computer
cables. The historical preservation does not allow for false
ceilings and almost every wall is solid masonry. The books are
wonderful but it is difficult to maintain a proper environment
for their preservation.

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