The American Room

This room contains American legal material. You may think this
unusual to have such a good American collection in a Canadian
library but the reason is quite logical. The Law Society is very
old (1797) and in the early days of the library there was very
little Upper Canadian jurisprudence.

Osgoode Hall Great Library American Room

In those days, for "inspiration", Upper Canada relied on
British precedent and the use of American material, which
was also a common law system. It should be noted Canadian
judges were not bound by decisions of the American courts.
This collection has practical use for many areas including Free
Trade Agreement, insurance cases, etc. and is still growing.

This room was used in the filming of the movie "Skulls" but as
far as we know there are no secret doors.

Osgoode Hall Great Library American Room Spiral Stairs

The Library is private and paid for by lawyers. The public
may use the library but must navigate it themselves.

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