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Webthrower Award

Hello & Congratulations! Your site is a recipient
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Eberline's Educational Award

We were impressed by the hard work you have put
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your site matches that era, pillars etc very
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Susan a well deserved award for the hard and
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out the history, and layout of your site.

GL'Associates Award

Hi Susan, Congratulations! Your site Osgoode Hall is
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JerryD's Award

I'm pleased to say that your site is well deserving
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Hoover Award

Congratulations, your site has qualified for the
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WM8C's Award

After visiting your web site McMurtry Art Exhibit I am
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I loved the paintings and I wish they were all mine!
Mr. McMurty is a really talanted painter and you have
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The Crazy Award

I had a really good time looking over your site, your
in-depth and at times meticulous detailing of the
historical facts behind the Osgoode Hall. Its rich
history and the many renovations the building has
gone through. I really love the stained glass area,
the photographs you took were very nice and clear.
Overall your contribution to the web is excellent,
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I look forward to see your site again in the future.

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Antique Collector Award

The owner of Top 50 Award Winning Web Sites
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Top 50 Award Winning Website

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Rudolfs Wander Award

I'm pleased to award you Irene's Silver. Irene
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Irene's Award

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Fartown School Award

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Gerry's Award

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